Analytics and Benchmarking

Analytics and Benchmarking

Our benchmark reports detail the current status of a particular website and is the first step taken for most optimisation service package. The analysis provides the search engine position and rank for the keyword area of a website as well as information on the level and nature of competition in the keyword space.

A website does not begin and end with its creation; it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. It takes time to get high ranks on search engines, and it can be very difficult to maintain it without detailed statistics to hand.

We can provide you with detailed information on your visitors, including information regarding referral description, bounce rates, entry and exit page, routes taken by visitors to your site and the spider activity. By knowing such information we can help you find additional methods to drive traffic to your site.

A tremendous amount of useful data can be used to compare your campaigns to the standard based on cost per click, average click rate, conversion rate, marketer's budget for research and optimisation as against PPC (pay-per-click) results. Special research reports can enlighten you on how you can still improve your website. It helps to know what goes behind the players of the industry so that your actions on search marketing can be guided accordingly.

For further information on how our benchmarking can help target more relevant customers, please contact us.